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About me

Hey, I'm Maria Rocamora

Proud partner of Balance Web Marketing and PR

I call myself the ‘Head of Everything’ at Say Hello To My Little Brand purely because it sounded very cool and the HR department* was OK with it 🙂

I moved from Spain to the South East of England; more specifically to St Leonards-On-Sea (anyone else around here?) many years ago. At first, it was just to improve my English but I just fell in love… In love with the British culture, the banter and the creativity that was everywhere in this town. The art galleries, the music scene, the traditional (and not so traditional) pubs… It was all that I always wanted to surround myself with. So I decided to call this my home.

For years I successfully worked in office environments as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager. I was combining this with helping solopreneurs and local artists in my spare time, to improve their brand and promote their work. I was loving this. But the 9 to 5 sitting in an office environment ended up being too much of a drag on my creativity so I decided to do something about it: I packed up all that I learned throughout these years (which was a lot, believe it or not!), my natural creative skills and my background in Advertising, Public Relations and Graphic Design and launched my own little company: ‘Say Hello To My Little Brand’.

Now I assist and support creative human beings by giving them more time and the knowledge they need to promote their work so they can continue creating beautiful things that the rest of us mortals can admire and fall in love with.

*I was kidding, there’s no HR department here as you might have guessed… It’s just me, which makes it all much more flexible!